Supervised Juice Fasting - Cleanse - Detox - Heal

Physician Supervised Juice Fast

Supervised by Dr. Opare

The supervised juice fast is designed to clear your system of accumulated toxins and prepare yourself for your new healthier vegan lifestyle. in many cases some or all medication doses may be tapered or discontinued entirely. (Comprehensive Evaluation required before your supervised fast.)

Juice Fasting can be a powerful healing tool. During the fast the body is able to release and eliminate the accumulated toxins from our diets, our addictions, and our environments. Once these toxins are removed, the body is able to work to return to it's natural healthy state. When combined with self observation and reflection, journaling, prayer/meditation, education and a commitment to making changes, the fasting process provides an opportunity for making profound changes in your emotional, spiritual and physical health. A juice fast is an important step in making dietary changes, allowing old patterns and habits to be broken, and new habits and tastes to develop. When your fast is over you are ready to begin your new pattern of food consumption and your new life!

Dr. Opare will carefully supervise you for the duration of your juice fast. You will receive full instruction on how to begin the fast, how to make your juice, how to maintain the fast, and how to end the fast. You will speak to Dr. Opare each day by phone for the entire length of your fast. He will monitor your progress, answer your questions, and provide support and encouragement every step of the way. Fasting will generally last for a period of two or more weeks, depending on the individual situation and your health goals. Your medications will be carefully monitored and decreased or withdrawn as indicated.

Fasting program includes:

  • Detailed instructions how and why to do a juice fast including a instructional DVD and written instructions.
  • Consultation to answer your questions and tailor the program to your needs.
  • Daily phone consultations with Dr. Opare for the entire length of your fast for support and monitoring. 
  • Exit exam once your fast is complete to track your changes and discuss next steps.