Juice Fast Success

Juice Fasting is a powerful healing tool to allow the body to release and eliminate the accumulated toxins from our diets, our addictions, and our environments. When combined with self observation and reflection, journaling, prayer/meditation, education and a commitment to making changes, the fasting process provides an opportunity for making profound changes in your emotional, spiritual and physical health. When your fast is over you are ready to begin your new pattern of food consumption and your new life!

This page brings together resources that will help your fasting experience be a success. There are even more resources over at Food For The Soul

Juice Fasting For Health, Wellness and Weight Loss

Online Training at our sister site, Food For The Soul The online home for black vegetarians.

Learn these keys to success:

  • How to prepare for your fast. The supplies you need and setting your goals.
  • How to start the fast.
  • The daily process you will follow.
  • How to make your juice.
  • Maintaining your fast while maintaining your regular routine.
  • When and how to end your fast.

Includes: 12 Video Lessons led by Dr. Opare and Ama Opare, E-book and on-line forum.

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Juice Fasting For Weight Loss, Health and Longevity E-book

Provides instructions, charts, and recipes for the protocol Dr. Opare uses with his patients. (The e-book is included with the Juice Fasting For Health, Wellness and Weight Loss online training.)

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Food Journal Instructions

Your food journal is an important part of your healing process. Use a bound notebook that you can easily carry with you where ever you go. Click on the link to download a pdf version of the How To Do A Food Journal  instruction sheet.  

Fasting Resources