Conscious Vegan Nutrition Education

Prescription For Health

Six-Week Program: Because You Have Important Things To Do

The information you need to unlock your health and vitality. The security of knowing you are led by Dr. Opare, a physician who is trained as a dietitian and who practices what he preaches.

The secret to great health is not good genes, good luck, better drugs, surgery, or fancy medical procedures.

The secret is to live in alignment with natural order and follow your Rulebook and User Guide to Healthy Living. The diseases you may be most afraid of, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, strokes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, are in fact food born illnesses, or ANIMAL PRODUCT born diseases. 

The most important change you can make for good health is changing how you eat.

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Men's Health

Conscious Vegan Graduates Discover:

Yes, I AM a Vegetarian: Make sense of the conflicting and confusing health and nutrition information and claims that you hear. 

Get answers to common questions:

  • How will I get enough protein and calcium?
  • Will my child be healthy on a vegetarian/vegan diet?
  • Why should I become a vegan?
  • What’s wrong with this food I have been eating?”

Be empowered to make consious decisions about your diet and health with common sense information backed by sound research and study.

Raw Food

This Healthy Food is Delicious: Recipes and demos so you can make flavor-packed, easy raw vegan meals at home. Includes a tasty dinner each class.

Lucky for you healthy food prepared properly is easy and is as delicious or even MORE delicious than the Standard American Diet (SAD). Eating healthy is not about deprivation or eating nothing but salads and carrot sticks.

  • What goes in your pantry
  • What tools you'll use
  • Menu Planning
  • Shopping Tips
  • Recipes
  • Demonstrations
  • Delicious dinners each class

Women's Health At Any Age

I’m a Revolutionary - I Eat Vegan: Unplug from the “Matrix” and live a more spiritual, meaningful life.

Explore the politics and impact of the choices we make about what we eat. One of the most revolutionary acts you can perform is to become a vegan. You'll learn how your individual choices impact:

  • Big business
  • The environmental 
  • People of color around the glob
  • Your health 

I Am Not Alone: Physician/dietitian support and membership in a like minded community.

Lets face it, being vegan WILL make you peculiar. But you will never be alone. 

  • Membership in our monthly nutritional support group
  • Learn to deal with cavings and addictions
  • Answers to your questions

Most importantly I FEEL GREAT! I can do this!

  • How to tailor your diet to fit your individual needs.
  • Journal exercises to extend your learning.
  • Resource notebook full of valuable information you can use.

You are an important person. Your family, your work, your community all need you. Now you can stay strong and healthy, and live a long and vital life. Imagine yourself completely healthy! Let us help you achieve your goals.

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Topics covered include:

  • Assurance vs. Insurance 
  • Nutrition 101
  • The Vegan/Raw Pantry
  • Equipping your Kitchen
  • Food/Poison
  • Politics and Ethics of Eating
  • The White Death
  • Disease Patterns
  • Teeth For Beef
  • How Now Mad Cow
  • Individualizing your Diet 
  • Healthy for the Holidays
  • Traveling in The Raw
  • And  MORE!


Where Do You Get Your Protein?