Our Approach To Healing

The vision for Opare Institute grew out of Dr. Opare’s experience and frustration with the medical field beginning when he was in medical school. He quickly realized that standard allopathic medicine did not address the underlying causes of disease but instead only treated symptoms.

The result of this symptom management approach to disease, pain and injury is that most people suffer needlessly from pain and illnesses that are preventable and/or reversible. People of African descent often suffer from chronic disease at higher rates, and have historically been subject to sub-standard care.

Utilizing his more than 25 years of experience in both standard and alternative medicine clinical settings, Dr. Opare developed a unique approach to healing that incorporates a Natural Hygiene philosophy with his extensive training and experience in both standard and alternative medicine.

Pairing Dr. Opare’s passion with Ms. Opare’s experience and commitment to the power of transformative educational experiences, Opare Institute was established to address these realities. Opare Institute is dedicated to educating and supporting people of African descent who are ready to walk a different path.

By combining both standard medicine and alternative medicine along with a clear understanding of the lifestyle causes of disease, and an educational program to support lifestyle changes, Opare Institute is able to guide patients towards a healthy life. Our patients quickly discover that they not only feel great but they also look great and find greater mental clarity and spiritual awareness. Patients are given the tools they need to take an active role in creating optimal health for themselves, and the support they need to maintain the changes they adopt. 

The Owners